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The mission of Mattapan Community Health Center is to improve the health and well-being of diverse populations in Mattapan and surrounding communities by providing exceptional primary care, preventive health services, and social services.

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Denise Reynoso, LCSW

Behavioral Health Integrated Clinician

Denise Reynoso, LCSW, is a Behavioral Health Integrated Clinician who specializes in children and families. She as been in the Social Work field for over 15 years and has a Clinical Masters Degree which she obtained from Simmons College in 2015. Denise has been working with families for many years in various capacities. She has spent many years servicing homeless women and children in shelters, restoring families through the Department of Children and Families, and empowering families as an In-Home Therapist. In her spare time Denise enjoys donates other contributions of her time to running faith based groups in her community and volunteering in organizing various children's activities which benifit from her leadership throughout community. Denise's passion emerges from her desire to see familys thrive and children make connections to those in their environment.